Vegan influencer Nimai Delgado and Pollution Studios founder & CEO Asher Brown

Asher Brown Interviewed by VegOut Magazine

Last month, Pollution Studios founder Asher Brown had a chat with Allie Mitchell of VegOut Magazine to discuss working with vegan content creators. Pollution frequently partners with plant-based influencers and bridges the gap between creators and brands to facilitate mission-aligned collaborations and promote campaigns.

Asher views social media as a huge opportunity for creators to use their platforms to change the world and make an impact for the causes they are passionate about. And when matched with the right brands, this impact becomes magnified and can drive positive change in even more powerful ways. 

To create the most fruitful collaborations, part of what Pollution does is make sure that brands and influencers are aligned on expectations for the desired outcomes. Asher observed that some of the most successful campaigns have been when creators are given the ability to work within those expectations to come up with big ideas and experiment. Pollution’s goal is to streamline this process on both sides so that creators and brands can work together to drive views, engagement, and sales.

Asher’s advice for up-and-coming creators? Think about what sets you apart, and focus on what’s most important or interesting to you. Who do you admire, and what can you learn from them? And of course, don’t forget to have fun with it!

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