Pollution is

a global network of creators & strategists. a production company in Los Angeles & London. an all-in-one film studio.

Our story

Launched in 2008 as a centralized hub for creators and makers, Pollution Studios has long been ahead of the digital curve, combining a data-driven understanding of social and advertising with the in-house resources needed to produce high-performing content at scale. We are champions of a creator-first model for building channels, connecting with audiences, and accelerating growth.

Strategy Creative Talent Development Production Post Production Campaigns Channel Management

our brands

We Are Impactors

Our creator network focused on the vegan, environmental, and social justice space.

Magic Beans

Our division that creates branded content featuring kids, babies, and parents.

our team

Los Angeles
Asher Brown Founder
Tasia Judd Chief Operations Officer
Corinne Rapone Creative Director
Vicki Syal Head of Production
Whitney Saxton Senior Producer
Juliana White Post Production
Zac Lachenbruch Camera
Adam Mitrano Lighting
Ignacio Lidejover Motion Graphics
Madison Kiley Analytics
Jessie Lingenfelter Communications
Megan Thompson Photography
Leanne Farleigh UK Director
Ian Richardson Strategic Consultant